MultiChrome™  isolates Gram Positive and Gram Negative organisms and is designed to ignite individual, distinct colors within the bacteria allowing in-house detection and identification of pathogens at a fraction of the cost of an outside lab!  Each plate is individually packaged in sterile wrapper with 12 months expiration from date of purchase.

Why test only for UTI with recycled, old human technology,  when you can test for 9 areas of the body affected by pathogenic bacteria!? 

Now you can test for Sensitivity with the new "Sensi-Ring" (see below).

The new Kacey® Ergonomic Micro Incubator is the perfect companion to the MultiChrome microbiology plates and the Sensi-Ring sensitivity tests with its adjustable controlled heat at 98f (37c) and Patented, unique use of individual timers.  We've decreaed its size, but kept the features!  No more guessing.                  Just Load… Press Timer...and Walk Away!  

- Small foot print                         - Precise temperature control
- Digital read out                         -Trays cradle all forms of dishes
- Six individual timers                 - Audible/Visible alerts
- Energy efficient, UL listed        - Made for MultiChrome™ culture
                                                     plates and petri dishes

Product Number: 20203
Ten plate pack

MultiChrome™  can test for:
- Outer Ear Infections
- Urinary Tract Infections
- Conjunctival Infections
- Genital Infections
- Wound abscess/Skin
- Upper Respiratory Infections

- Skin Infections
- Mastitis
- Septicemia

These sterile swabs are an important part of any microbiology system.  Unlike cotton swabs, these Rayon tipped MultiChrome swabs do not interfere chemically with the sample, nor absorb fluids thereby producing a better sample.  Each is individually packaged and Gamma ray sterilized with date of expiration.  Although designed exclusively for the MultiChrome system these swabs can be used for a variety of Veterinary applications.  Sold in 100 count packs with 14 months expiration from date of purchase.
Product Number: 20216
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These sterile loops are an important part of any microbiology system.  These 10uL loops are recommended for urine cultures.  Each is individually packaged and Gamma ray sterilized with date of expiration.  Sold in 100 count packs with 14 month expiration from date of purchase.
These dermatophyte bi-plate culture systems are designed to provide a simple and unique color specific analysis of the most commonly found pathogenic fungus infections that are seen in Veterinary medicine using a DTM and ESA agar.  Compete In-House results in just 72 hours at room temperature.  These plates have 14 month expiration from date of purchase.

Product #20208

         ESA                    DTM
          Uninoculated Plate 
Kacey DermatoChrome plates can test for:
  • Microsporim canis
  • Microsporium gypeseum
  • Trichophyton mentagrophytes
  • Trichophyton tonsures
  • Trichophyton rubrum
  • Epidermophyton floccosum
  • Trichophyton terrestre
Trichophyton rubrum

        Microsporim Canis

Kacey dermatophyte bi-plates are shipped individually wrapped with a one year shelf life under refrigeration.  They are available in convenient 10 packs.

Sensi-Ring™ is a convenient easy to use, multiple tipped device which permits 8 single antibiotic discs to be applied to an inoculated plate in one rapid, easy movement! 

When used with the "MultiChrome" chromogenic culture plates you have a powerful in-house diagnostic system that allows you not only to identify, test for sensitivity and treat, but also to determine sub strains of bacteria that may be difficult to treat.  All this in just 48 hours when combined with the MultiChrome culture plates for complete C&S testing using your incubator or our unique Kacey Micro Incubator. 
In addition, Sensi-Ring Skin/Wound also detects MRSP, the latest methicillin resistant bacteria.  Instructions for detection of MRSP in each package.  SensiRings have 14 month expiration from date of purchase.

"MultiChrome", "SensiRing" and supplies are sold separately or as a complete Starter Kit (#20241) shown below.  A great way to start an in-house Microbiology C&S program! Just replenish what you need.

New "SensiRing" Joins The "MultiChrome" Culture Plates!
Each timer indicates "Green" during the
24 hr timing event and then turns to "
Red" with audible sound when ready to read.

Product Number: 20211
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Product Number: 20235
This just in!: As you may know the Urine Culture Kit, "Flexicult" is no longer being supplied to the veterinary market as of Sept 2016. 

The good news is that you can switch to the Kacey C&S system and test more throughly for both bacteria and the 8 most effective antibiotics to use on Gram Positive, Gram Negative, UTI, Ear and Skin/Wound.  All in 48 hours in our patented Micro Incubator.
For Complete In-House Culture & Sensitivity In 48 Hours!
Kacey Mueller Hinton plates are designed to provide a rich growth media for cultured bacteria.  These true 100mm dishes accept the Kacey SensiRing Sensitivity Disks giving each antibiotic disk ample room to either inhibit or allow bacteria to grow. Individually packaged these come with 7 months expiration from date of purchase.
Product Number: 20234
Ten plate pack

Product #20221 Gram Negative 10 pack
Product #20222 Gram Positive 10 pack
Product #20223 Ear 10 pack
Product #20224 UTI 10 pack
Product #20225 Wound/Skin 10 pack

Kacey C&S Starter Kit is the perfect way to get your in house microbiology lab started.  It contains all the supplies to perform four complete C&S.  This kit has 7 months from date of expiration.  We're confident you'll use them all in a week!

It includes 4 MultiChrome Bi-Plates and five SensiRing (1 ea Gram(+), 1 ea Gram (-), 1 ea Ear, 1 ea UTI and a BONUS 1 ea Skin/Wound). All you need is an incubator and we have that too!
Product Number: 20241

Turbidity Working Solution tubes are the individual tubes used to prepare the sample for inoculation of the Mueller Hinton Plates.  By diluting the culture sample to the correct turbidity, overgrowth of bacteria during the sensitivity test is reduced allowing for better identification of the best antibiotic(s).

This kit contains 20 WST red top tubes (one per test), one white top reference standard to match turbidity and one 10ml bottle of sterile saline to dilute sample if necessary.  12 month expiration from date of purchase.
Product Number: 20217
Need a rush on a C&S?  You can!  Run both the MultiChrome and the SensiRing concurrantly and obtain both results in 24 hours!  Innoculate a MultiChrome to determine type of bacteria and innoculate a Mueller Hinton plate with your sample laying a SensiRing in for sensitivity. Your results for both will process at the same time.  A reference lab would charge a premium for a rush sample.

Introducing the Flagship of the Kacey Microbiology department. Our complete in house C&S System.  No other company produces a similar system that meets reference lab standards with ease of use.  Be sure to scroll down for the whole story including a comprehensive Resource section.  Take control of your own C&S lab and enjoy quick, accurate and cost effective results!
MultiChrome & SensiRing Training Videos
Part 1 Culture:
Part 2 Sensitivity: