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The new Kacey® Ergonomic Micro Incubator is the perfect companion to the MultiChrome microbiology plates and the Sensi-Ring sensitivity tests with its adjustable controlled heat at 98f (37c) and Patented, unique use of individual timers.  We've decreaed its size, but kept the features!  No more guessing.                  Just Load… Press Timer...and Walk Away!  

- Small foot print
- Precise temperature control
- Digital read out
-Trays cradle all forms of dishes
- Six individual timers
- Audible/Visible alerts
- Energy efficient, UL listed 
- Made for MultiChrome™ culture
  plates and petri dishes

Each timer indicates "Green" during the
24 hr timing event and then turns to "
Red" with audible sound when ready to read.

Product Number: 20211
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Kacey Diagnostics will soon be unveiling its new 4 in 1 digital analyzer called the "Stealth".  This versatile instrument will automatically read calorimetric differences on our family of diagnostic strip.  The "Stealth" will cover Urinalysis, Toxicology, Milk Analysis and a variety of key Chemistries.

This meter was ergonomically designed to meet the often confined lab spaces in many hospital.  It can be hardwired directly to your computer system to store results.  Its equipped with a printer port for the optional small footprint thermal printer and power pak.

The menus on the "Stealth" are color coded to make switching from Chemistries to Toxicology to Urinalysis a breeze.  The "Stealth" is equipped with a download port for any future upgrades and features a blue band of color on its base that lights up signaling the unit is "ON" from a distance.


Glucose                 ALK/Phos
BUN                       Amylase
Creatinine             Lipase
ALT/PT                  Fructosamine
Albumin                 Calcium
Total Protein         Phosphorous

VetiStx-2: Creatinine, Micro Albumin
                  with Creatinine/Micro-Albumin Ratio
: Blood, Urobilingen, Protein, pH,
                  Glucose, Creatinine, Leukocytes,
                  Ketones with Protein/Creatinine Ratio

Ethylene Glycol
This high performance digital microscope is designed for professionals who require superior optical performance, durability and the ability to  upgrade the system for changing needs. The KMD501 is equipped with an 8" touch screen camera system with a 5 Megapixel digital chip for crisp and clean images.  With WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity your images can be sent anywhere in the world.  From bright field, to dark field, to phase contrast and beyond, the KMD501 is the microscope of choice for clinical Veterinary use and Veterinary Teaching Institutions. 
  • High performance microplan optics standard equipment.
  • 8" Touch Screen @ 720p w/ a digital camera at a true 5 Megapixels.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sealed 40x objective and condenser.
  • All metal gearing.
  • 6000 Kelvin 3 Watt LED bulb rated at 100,000 hrs.
  • and much, much more!
Product Number: KMD501
"Why would you trust your diagnosis to a school level microscope?"
Milk Analysis:

Test for MUN, HBD, BHB & Somatic Cell Counts.
Cutting Edge Diagnostic Instrumentation